Jan 17

ARTIST- Augkim joins Scattered Studios

11Drawing seems to be his vice. Growing up in Flint MI., other children wanted to be famous or athletes, he just wished I could create the worlds in his head. Thankfully his dreams have come true and he continues to breath life into all the crazy stories out there. He is ready to bring your creations to life.

(Click here to check out his Gallery)


Oct 25

COLORIST- Diego Vazquez joins Scattered Studios

diego1Diego is a graphic designer who always loved comics. He started working as lead graphic designer in a production company and eventually left to pursue working as a freelancer and improve his abilities as illustrator. It was then he soon discovered he passion for coloring. He looks forward to putting his coloring skills to your comic book pages. (Click here to check out his Gallery)


Oct 25

Cody Kessinger Joins Scattered Studios

AllistairSwordCody has been drawing with a goal of professional illustration for about 10 years. He recently graduated from the Art Institutes in Nashville TN with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. Ever since he was little, he was always captivated by Japanese animation and manga, leading him to want to pursue that style of art. He uses Paint Tool SAI for all of her work. (click here for his gallery page)


Oct 19

Artist- Katherine Nemchek joins Scattered Studios

Lil Goths Cover watermarked

“Lil Goths” Cover Art & Colors by. Katherine Nemchek

Katherine is an aspiring comic arst and illustrator with a love for sci- and fantasy, though her passions lie mainly with all things mecha or robot related. She’s a recent graduate from RMCAD with a BFA in sequenal illustraon, just kicking of her freelance career. Her art style gravitates towards the more cutesy cartoons, with bold line-art and vivid colors. Check out her gallery here!


Oct 18

Scattered Studios Completes work on Eggheads Mascot Character


EG Character: Inks by John Rhodes and Colors by Mike Stefan

EggHeads Entertainment is a video network that reports on all things comic books and geek culture entertainment. Host, Tracy Spivey contacted Scattered Studios to Ink and Color their official EG Character mascot. Selecting John Rhodes to add his Inks to a supplied Pencil drawing, and having Mike Stefan put the final Coloring work and digital texture to the “Egg” eyes, these project was given high praise from Tracy. You can check out the Egghead video show by going to this link… (Click here for Egghead Youtube Channel)


Oct 12

Scattered Studios brings back classic Comic Book “Gulliver” into Production


“GULLIVER #1” Written and Created by Jeremy Barron, Artwork by Jason Dube with Colors by Andy Tui

“GULLIVER” is a new comic book series Created & Written by Jeremy Barron of Zephid Comics and being produced by Scattered Studios.

Inspired by the giant adventures of Gulliver’s Travels, this series explores deeper into the universe of giant people and the lure surrounding them.

Jeremy selected Scattered Studio’s Jason Dube as the Artist and Andy Tui as Colorist for the series.

Be watching for more of “GULLIVER” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Studios.


Oct 05

EggHeads Entertainment Spotlights Scattered Studios

IMG_1065EggHeads Entertainment after hiring the studio on some projects, they spotlight Scattered Studios on its 4th episode of their show. Check it out here…



Oct 03

Studio Internship Program Graduates

Scattered Studios is proud to announce the graduating class from the Studio Internship Program. All three interns completed all their tasks and assignments quickly and followed very closely to instructions. They all know what it takes to becoming a freelance comic book artist and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. Be sure to check out their pages…

Cody Kessinger

cvm cover

Katherine Nemchek

lilgoth cover













Felix Behr



Sep 19

Artist- John Rhodes joins Scattered Studios

21894882_1415204758564201_4449440_oJohn A Rhodes, currently serving as an active duty member of the United States Navy as a Submarine Ordnance Chief Warrant Officer 3 (27 + years) but his passion has always been drawing comic books and creating memorable characters.  Check out his gallery here!


Sep 15

Scattered Studios Spotlights “Sleeping with Ghosts #1-#3” comic series


Sleeping with Ghosts #3 Written by Damian S Simankowicz , Artwork by Marcelo Salaza with Cover artwork by Max Moda.

“SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS” is a new comic book series Created & Written by Damian S Simankowicz who explains the series as a darkly romantic supernatural thriller. Set in the haunted Hotel Avira. It is about the mysterious visitor, Sebastian Fletcher, and his search for life after death.”

Damian S Simankowicz selected Scattered Studio’Marcelo Salaza as the Artist, Mike Stefan as Colorist with Cover artwork by Max Moda.

SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS has been picked up by Primal Archetype. You can get yourself a copy of “SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS” on ITUNES (Click this link) at…


Also available on AMAZON.com…

ISSUE #1: Jaded Ghost Hunter, Sebastian Fletcher, meets his match when he arrives at the Hotel Avira and discovers that the dead not only haunt the hotel, but want his soul too! Part one of a darkly romantic supernatural thriller about ancient curses, love, demonic entities and fate.

ISSUE #2: This is the second chapter in the graphic novel paranormal romance miniseries. Trapped in the past as a disembodied spirit, Sebastian comes face to face with the entity responsible for trapping souls in the hotel. And realizes that in 1970, Claire and her mother are still alive. Is it possible he could save them from the dangerous influence of The Hotel Avira? The dark tale of demonic entities, mystery, love and fate continues.

ISSUE #3: History repeats itself as Claire moves closer to the moment of her death. Determined to save her, Sebastian ventures into the dark past of the property, searching for an understanding of the evil that dwells there. And Helen discovers she is bound by blood to the curse of the Hotel Avira! This is the third chapter in the paranormal romance miniseries.



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