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Night Owl: “Balance” Written by Jake Tinsley, Drawn by Jason Dube with Colors by Sean Salazar

“Night Owl” is re-booting its epic comic book series by a in depth telling of the Night Owl origins in a storyline called “Balance”.  Wham Bang Comics brings you a complete history about Night Owl, which began as a 12-year-old Earth Shaman, but since its conception has evolved into so much more. With its anniversary approaching, it was a great time to relaunch the series into this new era.

Wham Bang Comic’s Co-writer Ben Tinsley describes the new series like this, “Night Owl: Balance is everything you need to know about the Night Owl mythology in four issues. If the world ended after issue 4 it wouldn’t matter, because Jake (His son and co-writer on the series) and I would already have said everything we needed to say about the character. The writer/publisher, Jake Tinsley, decided to keep its regular creative team at Scattered Studios of Jason Dube to provide the artwork, text and pre-press, while Sean Salazar will be adding his digital coloring.

While the comic book continues to be produced, new webcomics of the kid-hero will be published to give the fans a shot of fun laughs until the comic is completed.

Be watching more of “Night Owl” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Studios.

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1016317_1391437027791552_1760477446_nDrawing since the age of two Bex has won over 100+ Art Contests from local to national in a variety of art styles, with two murals in exhibits. Pursuing Art all though school and and college with knowledge of game design and classic animation. Be sure to check out her work for your next project!  See more of her work by clicking here.

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kagamine_len_by_thetwigie-d6xiuuiTiffany, is a very talented anime/manga colorist working with the latest cutting edge software and Wacom tablets, to create her works. Being raised in a long line of artist her mother Annette Jimerson (being a very influential fine artist), and her older sister Jessica Jimerson (being a digital artist and comic colorist who also works for Scattered Studios), she has learned from the best. Now she is ready to color your project’s artwork. See more of her work by clicking here.

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amersen2Eric Douthitt started drawing at an early age in life. A few years later he realized that he wanted to become an artist. So to pursue his dream he took college art drawing courses to sharpen and hone his skills.  The last 8 years he has been doing comics. He is ready to bring his skills to your next project. Check out more of his work by clicking this link.

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RISE OF THE NEPHILIM #1 Written by Jesse Williams with Artwork by Scattered Studios’ Greg Woronchak & Colors by Federico Sioc Jr.

RISE OF THE NEPHILIM” is the first issue of the controversial and dark graphic novel by Jesse A. Williams.

Creator  Jesse Williams explains the premise of “Rise of the Nephilim”.

“The souls of fallen angels poison our world. Once gods among men, they now only dwell in the spiritual dimension as torn wandering spirits, knowing that they’re doomed to the fate of eternal oblivion. These are the nephilim. As this earth age nears its end, the nephilim hastily devise a plan to once again walk within flesh bodies, and with the aid of their charismatic leader, Lucifer, usurp the throne of the Eternal Creator. However, two unlikely and overlooked heroes threaten to spoil their last chance to escape obliteration. Bruce Preston, a bloodthirsty vigilante, and Alex Price, an emotionally unstable preacher, must utilize their abilities to stop these monstrosities and save humanity from an existence of sorrow and tyranny.”

Jesse Williams selected Scattered Studio’s Greg Woronchak as the Artist and Federico Sioc Jr. as the Colorist.

With the issue now completed, it is available now for hardcopy purchase on their website RISE OF THE NEPHILIM (Click Link) or digital download on LULU.

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TOXIC ROMANCE #2 Written and by Benjamin Parkour with Artwork by Scattered Studios’ Warin Johnson

“TOXIC ROMANCE” is a new comic book series created, written and published by Benjamin Parkour.

Creator  Benjamin Parkour explains the premise of “Toxic Romance”.

“Toxic Romance: Driven underground by a nuclear war she saw the lights go out on Broadway. He arose through the Apocalypse to make the City that never sleeps follow him. Can the toxic love between an addict and a dancer be enough to reignite a better tomorrow…”

Benjamin Parkour selected Scattered Studio’s Warin Johnson as the Artist and Toner. This is just the second in a series of chapters for this comic book storyline and Warin has already been given the green light to continue his work on it.

Take a look at this video trailer showcasing this new issue.


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Artwork & Colors by Rodney Ngundu

Rodney Ngundu is new artist to Scattered Studio but has a passion and love for the art. He first started taking up the pen and drawing and adopting his manga styles and techniques in High School. Currently working also for a career in Animation and Game design. His energetic and fun manga-like style is ready to grace your next project. Check out his gallery here!

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Craig Glenn’s work on a page of “TRIXIE DYNAMITE” from ECV Press

Many SCATTERED STUDIO Artists have submitted new images to update their galleries with. Be sure to visit these Artists and take a look at some of their new work to get a good idea of what they can do for your next project.







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DAMMIT!’s new album “Darker and Darker” by Scattered Studios Wagner Fukuhara

“DAMMIT” is a new CD  album by metal band DAMMIT!

Founder of the band and Guitarist  John Gillette describes the music of “Darker and Darker”.

““Darker and Darker” is an eclectic blend of Metal and Thrash reaching back into the roots of the San Francisco Thrash scene from bands like Metallica and Testament mixed with the sounds of new Metal and Punk Rock.”

John Gillette selected Scattered Studio’s Wagner Fukuhara as the Artist and Colorist to do the CD’s cover art.

Band Lineup includes, Founder Guitarist John Gillette, Front Man Adam Richardson, Bass David “Dirtbox” Smith, and Drums Walter Boland.
“Dammit! Brings it on Darker and Darker this high energy album is a must have for your Metal collection!”

Check out more info about this band and merchandise at DAMMIT!

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1396741_520601668023715_1572010302_oScattered Studos brings in its very first Artist team for your next project. This is a PENCILER (Jorge Villena) and INKER (Diego Moreno) team that works together on all kinds of different types of comic book projects. Ready to draw and color your next project!  Check out more of their work here!

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