Sep 19

Artist- John Rhodes joins Scattered Studios

21894882_1415204758564201_4449440_oJohn A Rhodes, currently serving as an active duty member of the United States Navy as a Submarine Ordnance Chief Warrant Officer 3 (27 + years) but his passion has always been drawing comic books and creating memorable characters.  Check out his gallery here!


Sep 15

Scattered Studios Spotlights “Sleeping with Ghosts #1-#3” comic series


Sleeping with Ghosts #3 Written by Damian S Simankowicz , Artwork by Marcelo Salaza with Cover artwork by Max Moda.

“SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS” is a new comic book series Created & Written by Damian S Simankowicz who explains the series as a darkly romantic supernatural thriller. Set in the haunted Hotel Avira. It is about the mysterious visitor, Sebastian Fletcher, and his search for life after death.”

Damian S Simankowicz selected Scattered Studio’Marcelo Salaza as the Artist, Mike Stefan as Colorist with Cover artwork by Max Moda.

SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS has been picked up by Primal Archetype. You can get yourself a copy of “SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS” on ITUNES (Click this link) at…

Also available on…

ISSUE #1: Jaded Ghost Hunter, Sebastian Fletcher, meets his match when he arrives at the Hotel Avira and discovers that the dead not only haunt the hotel, but want his soul too! Part one of a darkly romantic supernatural thriller about ancient curses, love, demonic entities and fate.

ISSUE #2: This is the second chapter in the graphic novel paranormal romance miniseries. Trapped in the past as a disembodied spirit, Sebastian comes face to face with the entity responsible for trapping souls in the hotel. And realizes that in 1970, Claire and her mother are still alive. Is it possible he could save them from the dangerous influence of The Hotel Avira? The dark tale of demonic entities, mystery, love and fate continues.

ISSUE #3: History repeats itself as Claire moves closer to the moment of her death. Determined to save her, Sebastian ventures into the dark past of the property, searching for an understanding of the evil that dwells there. And Helen discovers she is bound by blood to the curse of the Hotel Avira! This is the third chapter in the paranormal romance miniseries.



Jul 26

GEEKISH CAST Spotlights Scattered Studios in latest podcast

Scattered Studios manager, Jason Dube was a guest on the podcast Geekish Cast.

Host, Jeremy Vilmur  states about the show, ” I first caught Jason Dube’s name from Andrea Molinari and again the next time he appeared,  and later when I was joined by Melissa McCommon.  I added his name and the name of Scattered Comics to my list of “remember to reach out to”  names.  The last year at Central Valley Con I met Shane Will (Scattered Comics ops manager) and picked up his comic “Caliber” and I promised myself I was going to reach out to Scattered Studios right away. Sometime later Jason Dube contacted me via our Facebook Page about reviewing one of their comics.

This is a really fun conversation, where we learn a lot about Jason, his time as a fan and as a creator.  We delve into using Scattered services to get a comic made as well.  If you are interested in self-publishing, hiring someone to help you make a comic or comics as a business in general, Jason has a lot to say.”

Check out the episode now and learn more about the studio. (Click here)… 


Jul 05

Scattered Studios begins work on regular comic strip “Adventures of Burleson Star”

teddyLOW“Adventures of Burleson Star” is a new comic strip series Created & Written by Ben Tinsely and being produced by Scattered Sudios.

Creator Ben Tinsely explains the premise of “Adventures of Burleson Star”…

“As editor of a newspaper with the same name, teddy bear Burleson brings a hilarious “absent minded professor” approach to his journalism work, as published in this strip that runs in the actual Burleson Star newspaper. Wherever teddy bear Burleson Star goes, chaos and journalism will always ensue.”

Ben Tinsely selected Scattered Studio’s Jason Dube as the Artist and Andy Tui as Colorist.

Be watching for more of “Adventures of Burleson Star” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios.


May 17

Scattered Studios’ Samir Simao Updates his Gallery

18261287_1314533535307568_1960134604_oSamir is a comic artist who has drawn in all sorts of themes by indie companies. He has worked primarily in super-heros and terror comics, but he always training and trying to be versible in his artwork to able to do any themes.
Samir is always looking to do the best and most dynamic pages possible, making your comics a single action  art package.

He is ready to bring his knowledge and skills to your next project. (Check out more of his work by clicking this link)


Mar 29

Scattered Studios completes work on “Infinite Glory #1”


“Infinite Glory #1” Written by Justin Kirkman, Artwork by Mark Vuycankiat with Colors by Mike Stefan

“INFINITE GLORY” is a new comic book title created, written by Justin Kirman and published by Cali Comics. It is a new sci-fi, action comic book.

Creator Justin Kirkman gives us some insight to “INFINITE GLORY”…

Justin selected Scattered Studio’s Mark Vuycankiat as the Artist and Mike Stefan as Colorist, with Letters added in by Jessica Jimerson.

This brand new re-vamped and double-sized edition comic will be debuting at this weekend’s WonderCon convention. Be sure to stop by their table (SP-82) and pick up a signed copy!


“Infinite Glory #1” Written by Justin Kirkman, Artwork by Mark Vuycankiat with Colors by Mike Stefan


Feb 14

Scattered Studios now offers 3-D Services

SIMPLLE-DEPTH-MAP-AND-COVERIf you are looking to take your artwork or comic to the next level, we now provide 3-D services. Today’s 3D has come a long way from the 3D art of the past .

With our unique process we can provide you with a finished product that will allow you to enjoy the artwork without the 3D glasses. Long gone are the headache inducing blurred images, our images are more defined and easy to view. Once you put on those 3D glasses however, a new world will unfold before you; a truly immersive story telling experience. Whether the art is in color or black and white, most conversions can be done with minimal limitations. Learn more about our 3-D process by clicking the link. (Click Here)


Feb 13

Letterer- Jaymes Reed joins Scattered Studios

Letter_Sample_08Jaymes Reed has operated DigitalCAPS: Comic Book Lettering since 2003, working for a wide variety of publishers, most notably Avatar Press, where he’s lettered a variance of horror and other adult-themed comics, and Capstone Publishing, where he letters childrens’ storybooks. Check out his gallery here!


Feb 06

Horror Hostess creates new fun-filled Terror for Young Readers with “Monsters”


Jan 18

Justine Antiporta joins Scattered Studios

6A comic artist taking influence in both manga and western comics. Having a goal of making the best comic book there is. Justine a fighting type comic artist specializing in fantasy, sci-fi or any other as long as it is action. Check out his gallery here!


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