Aug 03

Scattered Studios’ Bex Kurasai updates her Gallery

13939993_1667714930215241_1208969019_oBex has been drawing since the age of two and has won over 100+ Art Contests from local to national in a variety of art styles, with two murals in exhibits. Pursuing Art all though school and and college with knowledge of game design and classic animation. She is ready to bring her art and coloring skills to your next project. (Check out more of her work by clicking this link)


Aug 03

Scattered Studios in production of Born With Wings


BORN WITH WINGS Created & Written by Justin Kirkman, Artwork by and Colors by Jamie Lange

“BORN WITH WINGS” is a new children’s book created and written by Justin Kirkman and published  by Cali Comics and being produced by Scattered Sudios. 

Creator Justin Kirkman explains the premise of “BORN WITH WINGS”…

Born With Wings is about a child born different.  The Child, searches the world for answers, passes where others cannot go and learns more than expected.  This is a heartwarming story with lesions for the whole family. Please check out Born With Wings, fourth quarter of 2016.”

Justin Kirkman selected Scattered Studio’s Jamie Lange as the Artist and Colorist.

Be watching for more of “BORN WITH WINGS” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios.


Jul 14

Scattered Studios in production of “Sleeping With Ghosts” #1-#2


Created & Written by Damian S Simankowicz, Artwork by Marcelo Salaza with Colors by Mike Stefan

“SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS” is a new comic book series Created & Written by Damian S Simankowicz and being produced by Scattered Sudios with the second issue already beginning pre-production. 

Creator Damian S Simankowicz explains the premise of “SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS”…

“Sleeping With Ghosts is a darkly romantic supernatural thriller, set in the haunted Hotel Avira. It is about the mysterious visitor, Sebastian Fletcher, and his search for life after death.”

Damian S Simankowicz selected Scattered Studio’s Marcelo Salaza as the Artist and Mike Stefan as Colorist.

Be watching for more of “SLEEPING WITH GHOSTS” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios.


Mar 16

Scattered Studios Completes work on “Infinite Glory”


“Infinit Glory #1” Written by Justin Kirkman, Artwork by Mark Vuycankiat with Colors by Mike Stefan

“INFINITE GLORY” is a new comic book title created, written by Justin Kirman and published  by Cali Comics. It is a new sci-fi, action comic book.

Creator Justin Kirkman gives us some insight to “INFINITE GLORY”…

Traliphiseas in ancient times, was a city of peace, a place where people were rumored to travel between worlds.But fifty years ago, the city was destroyed, leaving the sky permanently red, and blanketing the world in the smell of sulfur.

The Infinite Glory series starts with Chrono, an Ancient being with super natural powers, being chased into what is left of the city of Tralephiseas.  In the passenger seat of his jeep is an ‘Articus Artifact’, the one thought to have destroyed Traliphiseas in the first place.

Chrono believes that pairing the device with the boy ‘Einai’, another anchient, he can once again cure the world, and give him and his brothers ‘Salvation’.  However, others are not going to make it so easy.”

Justin selected Scattered Studio’s Mark Vuycankiat as the Artist and Mike Stefan as Colorist, with Letters added in by Jessica Jimmerson.


“Infinit Glory #1” Written by Justin Kirkman, Artwork by Mark Vuycankiat with Colors by Mike Stefan

With the issue now completed, you can buy your pre-release digital copy today on the Infinite Glory website. (Click Here)


Feb 18

Scattered Studios completes Cover art to “Monsters: The Creature of Stowe Cabin”


MONSTERS: The Creature of Stowe Cabin Written by Miss Misery with cover art by Jason Dube

“Monsters: The Creature of Stowe Cabin” is the first in a entire series of new children’s monster books, written by Miss Misery.

Creator and Scream Queen Miss Misery gives us some insight into Monsters: The Creature of Stowe Cabin”…

“The Creature of Stowe Cabin is about a boy who vacations with his family at a cabin resort, and hears a monster and learns about a creature whose been sighted through the years. So he befriends two other teens and decides to go looking for the monster”

In the vein of “Goosebumps” books, these new “Monster” books promise to put a fun scare into the kids reading them.

Miss Misery selected Scattered Studio’s Jason Dube as the Artist and Andy Tiu as Colorist.

Publisher Black Bed Sheets will make them available starting in March 2016.


Nov 03

The Adorable art style of Jamie Lange Joins Scattered Studios

7854_613118345377694_962245244_nJamie Firenze graduated from Kendell College of Art and Design with a graphic design degree. She loves to illustrate and sequential art is now her focus. She has a adorable and charming style perfect for illustrations, book covers, and children book illustrations, or even that cute manga/comic you have been itching to have created. Be sure to have Jamie on board your next project! Check out her gallery here!


Nov 03

Comic Artist Luca Cicchitti Joins Scattered Studios


Artist Luca Cicchitti comic book page

Luca is a accomplished comic book artist who has been able to work with a handful of independent comic book companies both in the US and Italy. Be sure to have Luca on board your next comic book project! Check out his gallery here!


Oct 23

Scattered Studios begins work on “INKY AND HIS MAGIC ERASER”

INKY Char Sheets

“INKY” Created & Written by Frank Italiano with it Co-Written & Scripted by Meagan Meehan

“INKY AND HIS MAGIC ERASER” is a new comic book title Created & Written by Frank Italiano with it Co-Written & Scripted by Meagan Meehan and has come to Scattered Sudios to see it become a comic book reality. This comic book series will be published by Fital LLC.

Creator Frank Italiano explains the premise of “INKY AND HIS MAGIC ERASER”…

“Move over Harry Potter, Inky is a great kids adventure exploring past, present and future world’s and galaxies, with nail biting crazy adventures along with wild and crazy characters to match. Inky is never ending with unlimited adventures for kids to enjoy, laugh, be scared and always interested in for future adventures.

Frank Italiano selected Scattered Studio’s Jason Dube as the Artist and Andy Tiu as Colorist.

Be watching for more of “INKY AND HIS MAGIC ERASER” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios.


Oct 09

Scattered Studios completes work on “Zombie Train #1”

ZombieTrainComic_Coverlow“ZOMBIE TRAIN” is a new comic book title written by Alex Bieda and published by Sierra Pacific Railroads. It is the comic book off shoot of the brand new “Zombie Train” experience, “Evacuation”. The “ZOMBIE TRAIN” Comic is explained: “Go deeper into the Zombie Train world. The very first issue of the Zombie Train comic book explores the origin story of our volunteer militia. Where did they come from? How do they find supplies? Get an alternate look at Jenny the medic, Samuel the Conductor, the Sarge, and other characters fighting for their lives aboard the Zombie Train. See what happens to the good people who have chosen to ride out the apocalypse on the rails. This limited run first issue is now available at all three Zombie Train locations, so get yours before they disappear! Ask a staff member at your location for more details.” Rashael Parker selected Scattered Studio’s Fredrick Allison Jr. as the Artist and Mike Stefan as Colorist. With the issue now completed, The comic books will be available on all three Zombie Train locations. To book your tickets and learn more, check out their website. (ZOMBIE TRAIN WEBSITE LINK) ztcomic-web1


Sep 24

Scattered Studios completes work on “Blank #1”


“BLANK” Written by Keith Carmona with Artwork By Studio artist Neill Brengettsey, and colors by Mike Stefan

“BLANK” is a new comic book title created, written and published  by Keith Carmona. It is a new sci-fi comic book dealing with a dark new society of our world.

Creator Keith Carmona gives us some insight to “BLANK”…

Blank started as a novel focusing on how a society loses words and memory and allows base desires to control their lives. After five years of drafting and redrafting, it seemed the best medium to tell this story was the graphic novel format–a marriage with the words and images depicting a city taken over by a corporation (SynapCorp) which transforms the once pleasant coastal town into a haven for sex and violence. And all completely legal. Our hero, Echs, is one of the few  remaining  journalists still working in a town without print news and is dependent on sponsors to publish and get paid. Disgusted by what this society has become, and what SynapCorp has done to it, he searches for the history of the city before the corporate takeover and hope to find a way bring it back to what it once was.

Steering a project like this needs the right kind of people at the helm, which why I turned to Scattered Studios. Through it, I was able to enlist the artistic services of Neill Brengettsey for pencils and inks and Mike Stefan for color. These guys are truly amazing, and through them, I hope to bring my first graphic novel to life. ”

Keith selected Scattered Studio’s Neill Brengettsey as the Artist and Mike Stefan as Colorist. Cover art by Max Moda

With the issue now completed, it will debut at Sac-Con on October 25th, 2015. Artist Neill will be on hand to sign copies of the book with its writer/creator Keith.


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