Sep 10

Hilary Kennedy To Debut In Scorpion Warrior Comic Book

After many inquires from models and looking through resume’s Scattered Comics and Mailbox Heroes publishing company TBA Publishing have found our Scorpion Warrior, her name is Hilary Kennedy!hilaryheadshot21

We were deluged with e-mails from models from across the United States, then we received Hilary’s resume, and viewed her website http://hilarykennedy.com we were so impressed with her attitude along with her look we knew that we had found the woman to wear the Scorpion Warrior mantle.

For people that live in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area Hilary Kennedy is a familiar face, she hosts the Home and Lifestyle show on NBC 5 and is also the host of the Bite Network

Hilary has also been featured in several commercial spots with some well known stars, which include Wing Stop with Troy Aikman, and she was also highlighted in the national “Red Chair” Radio Shack commercial, Hilary has also appeared on the Rachel Ray show as a guest of the “Rach To The Rescue.

Even with her busy schedule Hilary has made time to write and published her own book  “Carrer Diary Of A TV Show Host”.

The book takes an intimate look 30 days in the life of a writer and associate producer. The diary makes its way through typical scedules and meetings, tells the keys of creating natural and engaging onscreen presence, and reveals secrets on how to break into the industry, generate press and build a loyal audience.

Hilary’s book can be purchase at Amazon.com and Booksamilion.com

Now Hilary’s fans can see her in the upcoming comic book Scorpion Warrior, the comic will use Hilary’s likeness and her career around the comic book.

The synopsis of the Scorpion Warrior is this…

Hilary Kennedy a smart and very beautiful archeologist discovers that she has a rare form of cancer, in her quest to find a cure in a old and ancient books Hilary discovers an ancient legend about an ancient Mayan city that was ruled by a Scorpion Empress.

The archeologist (Hilary Kennedy) discovers that their was never a reported death because of illness because the Scorpion Empress healed her subjects with a elixir made from her blood and venom.

Hilary embarks on her quest to find the lost city, when she discovers the ancient temple she finds more than just a cure, she reemerges as the Scorpion Warrior

The Scorpion Warrior comic will be drawn by acclaimed comic book artist Jason Dube who has written and drawn fan favorites Panda Days and Scattered, and was recently featured as the artist of the “Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice” awareness comic book.

The Scorpion Warrior comic will be co-written by creator Jeff Hughes and written by Don Smith.

Look for Hilary’s debut in the Scorpion Warrior at the release date of February or March,



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