Feb 28

Scattered Studios Begin Work On Reyna Young’s Unforgettable Comic “Forgotten Tales”


Reyna Young as Miss Misery

Reyna Young aka Miss Misery Art By Ryan Showers And Colors By Julia Suvanto

Reyna Young aka Miss Misery is hard at work on her next comic book project entitles “Forgotten Tales” which will be based on Reyna Young’s series of books. 

Bringing Reyna Young’s comic to life will be the talented artists and colorists of Scattered Comics Studios; artist Ryan Showers who is currently working on the web comic and comic book “WANTED: Red Riding” for Comic Book Divas and colorist Julia Suvanto

Synopsis Of  “Forgotten Tales” 

Forgotten Tales is your new form of Tales From The Crypt! Bringing you creepy stories and a hot horror hostess to guide you through them. Hosted by Miss Misery, Forgotten tales brings you back to old school horror. So sit back and get ready for blood, screams and terror from beyond the grave…… 

Reyna Young sat down with us to answer a few questions about her new 

project and to give us insight on what her fans can expext in this new series 

Q:  How did you come up with the idea for the stories and concept of the series? 

A: I’ve been writing short horror stories since I was a little girl and what better way then to bring them to life by making them into comic book form. I have always wanted to do my own type of Tales from the crypt or twilight zone kinda thing so I came up with Forgotten Tales!! 

Q: Are stories based on any real experiences in your life? 

A: Yes!!! Oh yes! They are, they are based on thing’s i have gone through and always wondered what would of happened if….. So i always take things from my life and give them a twist. 

Q: Does “Forgotten Tales” and your upcoming comic “Miss Misery’s A 

Maggie Portrayed By Ysabel Young In Forgotten Tales

Maggie Portrayed By Ysabel Young Art By Ryan Showers Colors By Julia Suvanto

Haunting Desire” have any similarity? 

A: Nope. I kept them two totally separate. I wanted Miss Misery to have her own little story and Forgotten Tales is a little more dark. i kept Miss Misery’s A Haunting desire more comedic. 

Q:: Will Miss Misery appear in any of the stories? 

A: You’ll just have to wait and find out! So far she is hosting but you never know we may see her in some action… 

Q: How many books with there be in the series? 

A: I’m planning on doing them until I can’t anymore. So I don’t have a steady number for them I’m just going to keep going with them and see where it leads me. 

Q: Why did you select Scattered Comics Studios artist Ryan Showers to draw the comic? 

A: I love how he draws, he’s really good and gives me the look and feel to bring my comic book to life. Thank you so much Ryan, you are the best! 

Q: Who will be writing the “Forgotten Tales” comics? 

A: Well I have the stories written down and the wonderful Jeff Hughes scripts out the comic for me. But all the stories come out of my wicked imagination. 

Q: Can we look forward to a “Forgotten Tales” movie? 

A: Yes I am currently working on the feature film which is looking really good and after that I am hoping on doing a series. 

Thanks to Reyna Young for taking the time to talk with us; we will be sure to keep everyone informed on this latest comic book from Reyna Young and the talented artists of Scattered Comics Studios; Featured in the article are the character sketches by Ryan Showers and colorist Julia Suvanto.


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  1. Ryan Showers

    Thanks for the compliment Reyna! I hope to do your vision justice!

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