Apr 11

Scattered Comics Studios Begins Production On SWORD

“SWORD” is a new comic book title in which the main character was inspired by the actor Steven Seagal; whose likeness will also appear in the comic as well.

The Steven Seagal inspired character is a sword master who opened a dojo and was gifted an old samurai sword by his master as representative of his status and proficiency in the martial arts and his human spirit/kindness.

The story takes place 25 years ago: as an annoyed  Yakuza drug lord who felt that an ancient sword should only belong to somebody of Japanese descent, the Yakuza drug lord challenges Seagal to a fight to the death; Seagal defeats the drug lord subsequently kept the sword.

The writer/creator, Saurav Dutt, approached Scattered Studios and quickly selected his creative team of  Robert Brunner to provide the  dark artwork that will contain intense fight scenes, While Stacy Raven will add her digital coloring. Jason Dube will be providing the text and pre-pres.

Once the issue is completed, it Initially will go to a print on demand publisher.

Plans to knock around the unofficial Steven Seagal website which has a large fan based community and see if they might be interested in the product to buy from me as a self publisher.

Saurav commented,  ‘He hopes to get in touch with Seagal’s management to pitch the idea to him. Many celebrities and wrestlers have had comic books/graphic novels  penned under their names and after the success of the Machete and Expendables films and comic novellas, ‘The Sword’ would be a great idea’

Be watching more of “SWORD” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios


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