Apr 29

Cosplayers Bring New Excitment To “Comics VS Manga”

Scattered Studios was astonished when a huge file filled with a photoshoot from professional Cosplayer group in Malaysia did their own vision of “Comics Vs Manga”. (The new Artist themed comic book and tutorial magazine due out later this year). We had a chance to talk with AKI, the creative voice behind this shoot.

Q: What made you and the other members of the group want to cosplay the characters in Comics VS Manga?

A: I know “Comics VS Manga” from my friend Jason’s webcomics first. I’m interested in the story and I like the characters. My friends didn’t really know about “Comics VS Manga” before, nonce they knew the storyline and characters in the series, I found them wanting to cosplay the shoot with me. Thanks alot for the help Jason.

Q: Who’s cosplay character did you feel looked the best?

A: For me, I think everyone’s character came out best. Since I know everyone tried their best to do a good cosplay  and tried to really get into the character. Many Thanks for photographer Kenneth’s helped.

Q: How do you relate to the characters in “Comics VS Manga”?

A: I like Asher, and I liked this scene in the webcomic whent he fell down because he fell in love with Natasha when he first time saw her. I think he is a kinda feels like a blur to the world, as well as shy and a sunshine boy. We have that in common for I’m also shy and feel like a blur to people around me. (OH MY GOD //////)

Q: Where did you photograph the scenes in the photos?

A: The Gardens’ Cafe at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have to say thanks to my friend Rayray who helped to book the Gardens’ Cafe for photoshooting when we had to change to other cafe for shooting last minute.

Many Thanks For Photographer Kenneth for his excellent shooting work..

Q: Have you plans to cosplay any other Scattered comics by Jason?

A: If have the chance, we’d like to do more “Comics Vs Manga” because we really like the comic, and the comic characters suit me and my partners.

Q: How do you feel about having your pictures published in the first issue of “Comics Vs Manga”?

A: WOW, I’m so excited and surprised! I really dunno how to thank  Jason Dube for the opportunity! Thanks for all the people who like our work. I dont think my cosplaying is that good but I do try my best.

To view the images click here


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