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Scattered Comics Studios Produces “The Chronicles Of Elpininki Dixon Movie Poster

Scattered Comics Studios continues to branch out into unique projects as the studio takes on another movie project. We were very honored when the movie studio “Emotions N Motion Imaging LLC” contacted the Scattered Comics Studios to create their movie poster for the film The Chronicles Of Elpininki Dixon”.

We had a chance to sit down with the creator, writer, and director of “The Chronicles Of Elpininiki Dixon” movie; Michael Allen Smith.

Q: Michael Can you tell us what the film is about?

A:  As a teen, Elpininki “Elpi” Dixon (Payton Stronach)was a conflicted soul with many issues to deal with. Her rock of support was her Army colonel father, Matt Dixon (Rick Haymes) and her best friend, Delayna Haynes (Monica Bone) and her other school friends Maya Williams (Nicole Theno)and Valencia Mills (Madison Page).

Elpi discovers drugs and booze at an early age and falls into the “bad crowd” with stoners’ like Chuck Mason (Un-Casted), the local drug dealer and good friend of Elpi’s who always had the hook up for her or anybody else for that matter. Elpi compounds her problems by running with her cousin Mikie Sullivan (Adian Bone). The bad boy of the Dixon family.

His Mom, Matt Dixon’s sister, Anne Sullivan (Shenon Bone) has a hard time controlling her party hardy son. She deals with him the only way she knows how…at the bottom of an empty Rum bottle. Delayna sees the dark path Elpi has taken and has on many occasions tried to talk to her about her addictions and eventually convinces her to give Delayna her drug stash. With help from her friends, Elpi begins to sober up and get better. One night at a big family dinner Elpi wonders where Delayna was.

Everyone there look on in utter silence. Elpi demands to know where her BFF is. Matt calmly explains that she should know what happened to Delayna. She committed suicide 2 months earlier. Elpi refuses to believe them. She has no recollection but Matt was the one that discover Delayna hanging dead in her closet and Elpi passed out on her bedroom floor. Elpi can’t remember and devastated at her loss. Soon after, Delayna’s dead corpse rises from the grave and visits Elpi.

“The Dead Girl” explains her spirit can’t rest in peace if Elpi doesn’t release her suffocating grief and remembers what happened that day in Delayna’s bedroom. “The Dead Girl” also explains that time is running out for her spirit to go to Heaven.

The longer she stays in transit between plains of existence, the more susceptible to being pulled down to Hell. But so distraught is Elpi. Her friend gone, she desperately wants to be with her so Elpi decides to end her life to join Delayna in the After Life.

Matt puts Elpi into a nearby rehab facility and fights to live drug free. Elpi is befriended by one of the workers, a determined young black man named Nate Bellows. (Theophilus Clark) He knows her pain, he has been there.

He went through the program and when he got out, he returned as an intern. Now he helps people overcome their addictions. He sets his sights on Elpi. Also there to help is Elpi’s therapist, DR. Robert Dix. (Bill Behrendt) She begins to understand and agrees to not resist anymore.

She gets better, she conquers her additions and with Dix’s help and the help of hypnotherapy remembers the details of the events of the day Delayna took her life and the role Elpi played.

Q: What projects can we look forward to seeing the artwork used for in the future?

A: The artwork will be used as the DVD cover and the official movie poster.

Q: Do you feel Josh Barker’s work captured the feeling of the project?

A: I think Josh Barker’s artwork completely captured the vision I had in my mind. He pretty much saw what I saw, but I did give him detailed information to go on. He translated it excellently.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the piece and has there been any feedback from the actresses about the poster?

A: I love how each character looks. He captured the likenesses of the actresses very well. I have gotten feed back from Nicole Theno that told me “I love it, awesome” I am extremely pleased with how it came out.

Q: Michael any last comments?

A: I would defiantly recommend Scattered Comics Studios to anyone looking for artwork. Great job guys!!

The creative team that was awarded this movie poster project was Artist Josh Barker and Colorist Julia Suvanto (Colorist). They did a remarkable job on this project. Please click the image to enlarge and see for yourself.


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