May 10

Scattered Studios Awakens “Dream Police” #1

Dream Police ComicDream Police is a new comic book about the Belmount Corporation which has designed the most cost-effective prison ever invented—when a prisoner arrives, he’s hooked up to an IV drip and put to sleep for the length of his sentence, during which time he’s fed the most horrifying nightmares his own subconscious can devise.

The warden of the prison, Tarkov, was once a respected scientist, but his mind and body have been warped by years of experimental steroid use. Tarkov heads a team of guards—referred to as Dream Police”—who patrol the dream scape to make sure the tormented prisoners never wake up.

The writer/creator, Jeff Seeman, approached Scattered Studios and quickly selected his creative team of  Norman Wong to provide  his digital coloring. Jason Dube will be providing the text and pre-pres.

Now that the issue is completed, it’s available at Comixpress.  Plans to showcase this comic at San Diego Comic Con this Summer to produce added interest in the series.

It was a true honor to have been brought in to complete “Dream Police” and we hope to continue this series as it developes.


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