May 14

Scattered Studios Wraps “Goldilocks In Zombie Land #1” For Comicpalooza Debut

Goldilocks in Zombie Land” is a twisted fairy tale comic book, being published by Comic Book Divas, that follows Goldilocks and her band as they try and stop a zombie outbreak that is spreading throughout their storybook and before it infects all of the beloved characters.

When we were children we all read the classic storybook stories of Red Riding Hood, The Three Blind Mice, Jack and Jill, the Gingerbread Man and many other stories that taught many of us valuable lessons in life.

What if that world did not exist because of a unknown zombie virus that spread like wildfire throughout the storybook world and turned this lovable characters into brain loving flesh eating monsters!?

Welcome to StoryBook World 2012 one of many story book worlds in the storybook universe, but this storybook has been devastated by that unknown zombie virus, turning many storybook residents into flesh eating monsters.

The writer/creator, Jeff Hughes, approached Scattered Comics Studios and quickly selected his creative team of Jason Dube to draw all the artwork, lettering and pre-press for his comic book series. Sean Salazar will be providing the tamazing digital coloring.

With the first issue is complete, “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” #1 will premiere at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas May 27th – May 29th with two very limited edition Comicpalooza variant covers that was designed by actress and model Sarah French who portrays “Goldilocks” and was drawn by Jason Dube.

The comic will then go on sale with a regular edition cover that will be available on the Comic Book Divas website and on Comixpress.

Jeff Hughes owner of Comic Book Divas and the creator/writer for “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” along with Jason Dube with Sean Salazar had a great deal of fun working on this twisted fairy tale; fans can look forward to issue #2 early next year. It was a lot of fun to work on “Goldilocks in Zombieland” and look forward to working on the next issue.

A sneak peek of “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” #1 can be viewed at the the “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” website or fan be downloaded free at Drive Thru Comics


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