May 14

Scattered Studios Talks “Deadly Threads” With Creator Joe Garcia

Vivian Portrayed by Michelle Shields (C) Copyright 2011 Joe Garcia

 “Deadly Threads” is a new comic book title being published by Comic Book Divas about a girl with self-esteem issues who becomes possessed by an ancient spirit.  The story starts out very simply, but then changes gears and makes the story a bit more complex and much more intense.  Themes of change and friendship are at the heart of it all. 

The writer/creator, Joe Garcia, approached Scattered Studios and quickly selected his creative team of  Jason Dube to provide the  artwork, text and pre-press. While Stacy Raven will add her digital coloring. 

 Scattered Studios had a chance to sit down with creator of the series, Joe Garcia, to get some perspective on what he plans for his comic. 

 STUDIO: How did you come up with this story idea for “Deadly Threads”?  

JOE:  I have several friends who are indie filmmakers and I used to jokingly pitch the story to them.  Since I’m a screen-printer in ‘real life’ the idea of a possessed t-shirt seemed even more ludicrous.  When I pitched the story to Jeff Hughes, the publisher/founder of Comic Book Divas, he didn’t take it as a joke at all.  “Get me a script and we’ll see about making it happen,” he told me without a trace of sarcasm.  I then started to take the idea seriously and worked up an outline for the story. 

 STUDIO: Is this planned to be a one-shot or series comic? 

 JOE: It’ll be a finite series, that I currently have plotted for five issues.  That could change of course.  I’d initially plotted it for four, but keep encountering things I wanted to expand on. 

ALICIA (C) Copyright 2011 Joe Garcia

 STUDIO: Since your a famous silk screener, will you be releasing any special apparell for the comic? 

JOE:  The shirt featured in the the comic is available for purchase on my website (http://www.fastcustomshirts.com/servlet/Detail?no=1155).  If readers are longing to be possessed by a malicious spirit, buying the shirt is the first step. 

 STUDIO: What are your thoughts about Jason Dube’s artwork and the coloring of Stacy Raven? 

 JOE: I couldn’t be more satisfied.  I’d never written in script form so I had to sketch out thumb-nails to get an idea of what I wanted to describe.  When Jason sent me the first pages, they were almost exactly what I’d sketched out.  Jason uses an anime style which I feel is perfect for the story, because while it deals with some serious themes, I want it to remain a fun read.  Stacy’s colors are outstanding!  I was floored by what a difference they made to the pages. 

STUDIO: Which character(s) are you mostly anxious to see come to life in the comic book?  

JOE: There’s a rabbit in the story that I can’t really talk about without giving too much away, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jason and Stacy do with this devious critter. 

STUDIO: Joe, any last comments? 

 JOE: Just hope people will have as much fun reading the story as we did putting it together. 

Thanks to Joe Garcia for taking the time to talk with us; we will be sure to keep everyone informed on this latest comic book from the talented artists of Scattered Studios “Deadly Threads” #1 will debut at SplatterFest 2011. Be watching more of “Deadly Threads” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Studios.


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