Jun 10

Scattered Studios begins new Movie adaption comic book of “KATO”

“Kato” is a new comic book  from Wolfgang Meyer which is presently being filmed as a motion picture. Wolfgang described the idea to do a film & comic for “Kato” started out as a spin off from the character Kato from The Black Facade feature film. The script that was first written was “Kato The Kung Fu Killer” and it was a comedy type thing , until he decided he didn’t want to go that route once he took it more serious and wanted to make it a good dark action movie . When he saw the idea and talked to the writer Adam Vargas about what he wanted to do, they decided that they would rewrite the entire script .

The script named just Kato is the feature film version of how all these characters are introduced and met in the first story . Then writer Adam Vargas and Wolfgang working on a 1 hour each 25 episode TV Pilot for the stories that would continue after the feature film story.

The other part of the project is about how Wolfgng wanted to make the comic series . The first comic is the story of the feature film which will be one special issue that will be promoted first . Then down the road they plan to make the 25 issue comic series to the 1 hour episode scripts.

The story itself is The Naga crime family is the largest family in the Yakuza.  Planning to launch the POLOPS satellite with the ability to reverse the polarity in a targeted area, anywhere in the world. CIA Agent Burbank is sent to intercept the POLOPS energy source.

That’s when his path crosses with Kato, a day-time limo driver, whom Burbank believes to be a fellow agent.  Burbank is kidnapped and Kato must fulfill his promise to Burbank to complete the mission.  Flying to California, Kato teams up with Burbank’s team, on a mission which leads them halfway around the world to Japan to stop the Naga crime family.  There, Kato will make lifelong friends and enemies.

The writer/creator, Wolfgang Meyer, approached Scattered Studios and quickly selected his creative team of  Robert Brunner to provide the artwork, while Sean Salazar will be adding his digital coloring, and Jason Dube to add text, and prepress.

Be watching more of “Kato” as it continues to be produced by Scattered Studios.


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