Sep 29

Shadow Hunters Ready To Make Fans Scream And Drool

Jason Dube and Benny Jordan have teamed up to release Jason Dube’s first mature reader horror comic book; the two combined their talents to bring reader’s  a combination of “Monster Squad”, with a smidge of “Playboy” and a lot of dark action to bring fans a twisted ride through the supernatural to bring them “Shadow Hunters”.Shadow Hunters Comic Book

Jessika, Jenna, Renea, and Firewire; are four beautiful but unusual women, who are on a mission of redemption and revenge as they set out to destroy an ancient evil that has effected each of their lives in one manner or another. However these women just aren’t just your buxom beauties, these women demand respect and they don’t get they will either rip your throat out, drain your blood dry, turn you into a frog (Or worse), or eat your soul; you see beauty is skin deep and what lies beneath their skin is some of the most infamous and famous monsters the world has known.

“Jessika” is a werewolf but if you’re thinking “Oh ok, another werewolf” this incarnation of the legendary creature is more feral dog a lot more ferocious than any wolf and primal, then there is “Jenna” a vampiress who was of bloodline decent until she rebelled  against her clan and battles daily with fighting the urge to feed off human blood, Now we come to “Renea” the leader of the group who just happens to be a very powerful witch, sorceress, spell caster, whatever you want call her she really doesn’t care. As the leader she lays out the plans and monitors the teams activities and movements from any location she is in (including the shower) and last but not least there is “Firewire” a technical genius she can fix, build, or hack anything having to do with a technology. She not only has brains but also beauty, no one can resist her. She’s not bragging when she states this, it’s a fact for she holds within her a creature that has roamed the world through the millinia for she is a Succubus.

The four will be on a quest to defeat a very old and dark enemy and try to stop him before he kills again and tries to engulf the world into darkness; they have laid a trap that could end it all but will it work in time or will it fail and the world is covered in darkness, on top of their plans a new species will arise a new type of undead creature called a “Feeder” which is a zombie abomination that is even more ruthless and far more cunning; how long have they existed and why is there a special blood works force trained to combat these terrors, and how will the women be pulled into two different battles?

Jason Dube began creating his horror epic four year ago and started putting pen to paper, writing down his ideas as they came to him, and even kept a pen and paper by his Shadow Hunters #1 SAC Horrorbed at night to write down his dreams that he would later incorporate into the  “Shadow Hunters” comic book. Jason’s vision and interpretation of the classic monster’s will have reader’s and horror fans talking about the unique twist and appearance of these creatures.  Within this supernatural world Jason has created, reader’s will follow some of the wild storylines that will make think they have it all figured out one moment then be taken into a completely opposite direction.

Joining Jason on “Shadow Hunters” is Benny Jordan, who has brought the character’s to life with his unusual drawing style, Benny combines a eerie sexiness to the not only the characters but also to the comic, his approach is to make the reader see both sides of the characters, for example “Jessika” is a very beautiful woman that an turn anyone’s head, and the next she is a snarling fur covered “Werewolf” that looks as though it will rip out your throat. This combination of art skills brings a bit of light and darkness to not only to the primary characters but also throughout the comic.

“Shadow Hunters” #1 debuted at this year’s SAC-Horror convention with a enthusiastic crowd, fans lined up to meet writer and creator Jason Dube and artist Benny Jordan and get the first issue of the comic book; both Jason and Benny were on hand to sign copies of the comic and talk to fans about upcoming issues and what is in store in the series. “Show Hunterss” #1 will be on sale very soon through the website so stay tuned on how to get your copy of this spin-tingling twisted comic.


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