May 11

Scattered Studios continues SHEPHERD #2 with New Artistic Direction

THE SHEPHERD” is a new comic book series created and written by Andrea Molinari. With the first issue completed, and the departure from the real world into the spiritual one, a new artistic direction was taken. From the onset of the project, Molinari said that he wanted the differences between the two worlds (physical and spiritual) to be as dramatic as the movie “Wizard of Oz” — Kansas versus Oz. In order to achieve this artistic contrast, Scattered Studios Ryan Showers had been tapped.

Creator and writer Andrea Molinari explains the premise of “The Shepherd”.

“How much loss can a good man endure before his high-minded principles crumble under the pressure and he lashes out, thirsting for vengeance?  After enduring the sudden and tragic death of his teenage son as a result of a drug overdose, Dr. Lawrence Miller, a professor and theologian, is drawn into a dark vortex of guilt, despair, and anger.  He cannot let his son go and he cannot control his growing desire for vengeance on those who brought about his son’s untimely death.  Awash in grief, he gradually loses touch with reality and becomes unhinged, believing that he can follow his son into the afterlife.  Yet, even suicide is not enough to bring his restless soul any resolution.  As in life, Lawrence is frustrated in death, unable to locate his son’s spirit.  As a result, his existence after death becomes a terrifying conflict between his unbridled anger… and his innate knowledge that he has lost his way.  Bereft of his son, he seeks out and is given a mystical weapon that allows him to turn his fury on those who brought the drugs to his son, leaving a trail of insanity and chaos in his wake.  However, he soon finds that his vengeance does not come without a price.  His guilt, despair, and anger have already cost him his body.  Lawrence comes to realize that his choice between vengeance and forgiveness is crucial as his own soul hangs in the balance.  This is a story about a family bond that is tested to the extreme, about the unbreakable connection between loved ones, and the power of Truth.”

Andrea selected Scattered Studio’s Ryan Showers as the Artist and Heather Breckel to be the digital Colorist. Jason Dube will be doing both word bubble, and Pre-Press.

Be watching more of “THE SHEPHERD” #2 as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios


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