Nov 29

Scattered Studios continues the SHEPHERD comic series with issue #3

THE SHEPHERD” is a new comic book series created and written by Andrea Molinari. With the second issue completed, Scattered Studios’ Ryan Showers continues his amazing artwork into the next exciting issue.

Creator and writer Andrea Molinari explains the premise of “The Shepherd #3”.

Imagine that you have been horribly wronged by someone.  That which you love the most is taken from you, irrevocably taken.  Now imagine that a little voice deep within you keeps harassing you, blaming you for not doing enough to protect or save the ones you love.  “If only I had…” 

Anger and guilt.  A one-two punch from Hell.  Now add to that the pure frustration of being impotent to do anything to make things right.
Now…imagine all that changes.  Now you have the power to exact revenge on those who have hurt you, stripped you of what is dearest to you.  Absolute fury, unleashed.
Dr. Lawrence Miller, in life a professor and theologian, but now a ghost caught between Heaven and Earth, has been given the means to exact a terrible vengeance on the drug dealers whose poison claimed the life of his teenage son, Val.  They thought that they would just move on, walk away unscathed.  They were sadly mistaken.
Miller’s descent into darkness is violent, brutal, and all too easily accomplished… but nothing in the universe is free.  Everything comes with a price.  Perhaps, Dr. Miller should have studied his Seneca more closely:
“Would anyone want to stab an enemy with such force as to leave his own hand in the wound and be unable to recover himself from the blow?  But such a weapon is anger; it is hard to draw back” (Seneca, De ira2.35.1).

Andrea selected Scattered Studio’s Ryan Showers as the Artist and Heather Breckel to be the digital Colorist. Jason Dube will be doing both word bubble, and Pre-Press.

Be watching more of “THE SHEPHERD” #3 as it continues to be produced by Scattered Comics Studios


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