Feb 18

Scattered Studios completes work on RISE OF THE NEPHILIM #1


RISE OF THE NEPHILIM #1 Written by Jesse Williams with Artwork by Scattered Studios’ Greg Woronchak & Colors by Federico Sioc Jr.

RISE OF THE NEPHILIM” is the first issue of the controversial and dark graphic novel by Jesse A. Williams.

Creator  Jesse Williams explains the premise of “Rise of the Nephilim”.

“The souls of fallen angels poison our world. Once gods among men, they now only dwell in the spiritual dimension as torn wandering spirits, knowing that they’re doomed to the fate of eternal oblivion. These are the nephilim. As this earth age nears its end, the nephilim hastily devise a plan to once again walk within flesh bodies, and with the aid of their charismatic leader, Lucifer, usurp the throne of the Eternal Creator. However, two unlikely and overlooked heroes threaten to spoil their last chance to escape obliteration. Bruce Preston, a bloodthirsty vigilante, and Alex Price, an emotionally unstable preacher, must utilize their abilities to stop these monstrosities and save humanity from an existence of sorrow and tyranny.”

Jesse Williams selected Scattered Studio’s Greg Woronchak as the Artist and Federico Sioc Jr. as the Colorist.

With the issue now completed, it is available now for hardcopy purchase on their website RISE OF THE NEPHILIM (Click Link) or digital download on LULU.


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