Feb 18

Scattered Studios completes Cover art to “Monsters: The Creature of Stowe Cabin”


MONSTERS: The Creature of Stowe Cabin Written by Miss Misery with cover art by Jason Dube

“Monsters: The Creature of Stowe Cabin” is the first in a entire series of new children’s monster books, written by Miss Misery.

Creator and Scream Queen Miss Misery gives us some insight into Monsters: The Creature of Stowe Cabin”…

“The Creature of Stowe Cabin is about a boy who vacations with his family at a cabin resort, and hears a monster and learns about a creature whose been sighted through the years. So he befriends two other teens and decides to go looking for the monster”

In the vein of “Goosebumps” books, these new “Monster” books promise to put a fun scare into the kids reading them.

Miss Misery selected Scattered Studio’s Jason Dube as the Artist and Andy Tiu as Colorist.

Publisher Black Bed Sheets will make them available starting in March 2016.


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