Sep 08

Scattered Studios Completes work on “Untold Bedtime Story: The Brawlers 4”


“Untold Bedtime Story: The Brawlers 4 #1” Created by Zack Elbay, Written by Jason Dube, Artwork by Michael O’Shea with Colors by Federico Sioc Jr.

“UNTOLD BEDTIME STORY: THE BRAWLERS 4” is a new comic book title created by Zack Elbay and published  by Texas Cart Builder. It is a new sci-fi, action comic book.

Writer Jason Dube gives us some insight to “UNTOLD BEDTIME STORY: THE BRAWLERS 4”…

Basically you got this group of teenagers that find themselves having to work together even if they don’t necessarily get along. Without giving too much away, the first issue takes you on a journey that quickly goes from normal everyday hassles and thrust into a new reality filled with science fantasy and their world can never be the same again. Its a great origin story arc that really paves the way for this book to continue with endless and wondrous storylines.”

Zack selected Scattered Studio’s Jason Dube to write the story & script while selecting Michael O’Shea as the Artist and Federico Sioc Jr. as Colorist.

With the issue now completed, you can inquire how to order your copy through Zack Elbay.


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