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shadow hunters PENCILS

Pencils by CALVIN ELLIS JR (Hire him for your next project)

Scattered Comics Studios is your one-stop shop in creating your comic book project. If you have the idea or story; we will take it from there to make your comic book a reality and then helping you in how to publish, print and market your comic book. The studio was founded in 2009 and started out small, but since that time we have increased our staff to bring a wide variety of talent to be on hand ready to complete your comic book.

Here’s how easy it is. You will find a series of tabs at the top of this website. First CHOOSE YOUR ARTIST: Finding just the right art style you had imagined to fit your comic book. We house a diverse group of Artists with a great many styles. If your looking for cartoony, traditional, or anime/manga style we try to have something for  any project.

Next, CHOOSE YOUR COLORIST: Your now on your way to completing your dream team of talent to creating your comic. We have a variety of Colorists to help you do that. Once your talents are assembled, we will walk you through the entire process. We can recommend a printer to produce your books and help make sure your taken care of there.  Lastly, we try to make every project that comes to our studio a success, and we help promote and get the word out about your comic book. We here at SCATTERED COMICS STUDIOS aim to not only make your vision a reality, but strive for excellence in customer service to make the process enjoyable and fun!


Inks and Colors by CALVIN ELLIS JR (Hire him for your next project)

Inks and Colors by CALVIN ELLIS JR (Hire him for your next project)

Scattered Studios is interested in commercial projects from companies or other studios, but is also open to personal commissions from individuals.

**Important Notes- Studio Policy**

We do not provide contact information for any studio members including but not limiting to artists, colorists, writers.

Our studio artists draw in the style you see in their galleries. They do not change/alter or try to imitate other styles. Be sure you like the style of artwork you see in their gallery before selecting your creative team.

Studio Manager/Cordinator



Artists Joining the Studio

Scattered Studios is continuing to grow and with this comes more regulation and rules. (Blah!). For all artists applying or joining the studio a few things will be required from you.   15 low res images of your artwork to build your gallery page 1 test page (A way for the studio to determine if …


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Internship Program

Scattered Studios now offers internship programs to young and beginning artists. The internship is an online course will last about 6 months. (Or as quickly or slowly as the internee will take). At the end there will be a overall evaluation, and certificate of completion. The goal of this internship is to train you as …


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  1. John Wooten

    i have a childrens book titled the adventures of john wooten world strongest man master of masters i hold 143 world strength records and i am a grandmaster in jujits proffesor in judo black belt in karate and aikido and i have a new novel out titled miracle fighter you can find it on amazon.com/books kindle or nook i need a new artist for my childrens book please call me at 561 345 3991

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