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Greg Woronchak is a  comic book artist who has worked in independent comics for the last decade; some studios he’s worked for include Modern Myth Press, Main Enterprises, Argo Comics and others.

He is also worked as a storyboard artist . He’s created boards for a variety of traditional and 3D animation productions over the years: Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat on PBS, Tripping the Rift on the Sci-Fi Channel, What’s With Andy? on ABC Family, and the direct to video Sony Wonder production of The Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage.

He’s done it all in the field of animation, starting from model clean-up, eventually moving on to storyboard corrections, and finally taking the big step to freelance storyboarding. Along the way, he dabbled in prop design, animation corrections, concept art, and posing. his experience also includes illustration and design.

This page showcases a few samples of his work, demonstrating an ability to adapt to different production styles. For example, He’s just as comfortable with a kinetic cartoony style as with a more realistic approach.

He prides himself on his strict respect of deadlines and willingless to deliver to a client exactly what they envision.

Sample Studio Projects Artist has worked on: 




**Important Notes- Studio Policy**

We do not provide contact information for any studio members including but not limiting to artists, colorists, writers.

Our studio artists draw in the style you see in their galleries. They do not change/alter or try to imitate other styles. Be sure you like the style of artwork you see in their gallery before selecting your creative team.



  1. John


    It’s story about a boy going to college who ends up having dreams and later psychotic episodes of this other world as he meets new people, drinking, partying, going to school. It shifts from a story in a modern setting to an world setting like in Lord of the Rings. He is a traveler in the story to a new city and it’s quite gay and happy. It’s when the story gets dark and there’s conflict that the story has some fun twists.

    It’s a typical good and evil and not as good and not as evil flavors. Lots of characters. The worlds become one physcotic episode at one point with demons and such existing in modern times. The setting shifts from Boston to New York to San Franscisco.

    There’s love interests. Is there a god or gods, play. A bunch of layered themes you get with any good story. This one is just mine. The over arching theme obviously is it plays on what is dream and what is real. And what if any is different or does it matter? Shit like that. I work hard and have the money to pay for this but need someone to get it done. I’m ready now. I’ve had this story for about 20 years now. Thanks. -John 835-2945

    1. admin


      please contact me directly at to discuss your project further.

  2. rr

    horse drawing is an art in itself.
    i wish to commission him for, The Sacramento Rangers
    in December. at Sac- Con

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