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ARTIST/WRITER/PUBLISHER Jason Dube has been self-publishing under his comic book company Scattered Comics for the past 25 years. He has published titles such as Scattered, Panda Days, Caffeine Poisoned, Waiting for Something to Happen and Shadow Hunters. He has recently began expanding his publishing company by bringing other self-published creators to grow under the umbrella of Scattered Comics.  These titles can now be found available through stores, and online venues  such as Comixology, Drive-Thru Comics, and Amazon.
Jason is also working as a fulltime freelance comicbook artist and manages a comic book art studio (Scattered Comics Studios) where dozens of artists work under him to create a easy one stop-shop comic book studio for clients create their own comic books. He has worked as artist, colorist, typesetter and layout artist for several independent companies. (Companies include NEKO PRESS, BLUE WATER PRODUCTIONS, and LAST DOORWAY PRODUCTIONS). As well as a internship program for young artists can learn and get experience of the industry.


**Important Notes- Studio Policy**

We do not provide contact information for any studio members including but not limiting to artists, colorists, writers.

Our studio artists draw in the style you see in their galleries. They do not change/alter or try to imitate other styles. Be sure you like the style of artwork you see in their gallery before selecting your creative team.


Comissioned CD Covers

Jason Dube is best recognized as a talented comic book artist and publisher, but also as an artist Jason is always striving to expand his artistic talents to include video games and CD cover art. Jason Dube has worked with both musicians and production companies to provide art work on their CD covers, many of …


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  1. Maximas Sol Quinn murillo

    Hey jason I want my stuff published please

    1. admin

      email me directly at scattered_cat@yahoo.com (this is Jason Dube)

  2. Amit kumar

    Want to do internsheep under your guidence

  3. Adrianna Andrade

    Hi i really like your art work! Im doing an essay on what job i want, and i want to draw comics. I also need an interview from someone who is already in the business and i choosed you. So, what im asking is, could i interview you Jason?? Please? Thanks. ^_^

    1. admin

      Yes, thank you. It was a honor to be a part of your interview.

  4. John Wooten

    hi jason please contact me for a childrens book illustrations my name is john wooten my telephone number is 561 345 3991 i need prices and info
    thank you
    john wooten

  5. rudy rugebregt

    i wish to retain Ryan showers for an 80 page water color work.
    i live in clear lake and will commute to Sac,
    -during the making of it.
    can start after march.
    PS- will definitely attend Wizard-con

  6. larry glenn

    hi jason dube this larry glenn i would like to contact you i would like to get a comic book published


    […] Like last year, Jason will be giving out a new free published comic courtesy of RA COMICS. RA COMICS is a professional comic book printer. They can print your comic books in 3-4 days and have outstanding service. Be sure to check out RA COMICS to print your next comic book project and let them know you heard about them from Scattered Comics. The free comic will be called “Scattered Sampler”#2 and will have sneak peeks at some of this year’s new titles including “Panda Days #5″, “Scattered #4″, and “Blinth #1″. Besides the free sampler comic, Jason will be selling all his latest releases. Be sure to your free comic and get signed by Jason Dube. […]

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