Ryan Showers – Artist

From the young age of six, Score found self-expression addicting, enjoying all forms of inspired media from video games to animation. After high school he began to take his passions more seriously and adopted a penname to christen his works, which can only be described as unique- left untouched from outside influence.

Score has a style all his own; a firm believer of self-discipline and practice, always searching for originality.

Creating whimsical, inspired pieces with light pencil and watercolor, Score passionately puts meticulous care into each of his pieces, creating his own depictions of emotion, innovative themes, and sentimental depth.



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  1. rudy

    Are you available for a book about 82nd Airborne in ww2 Sicily. I cannot reach scattered so I will find Jason cube at wizard con next month.
    I live near cache creek, 90 minutes from Sac.

    1. admin

      Rudy, your concept sounds awesome. Contact me directly at scattered_cat@yahoo.com to discuss further in detail.

  2. rudy

    i wish to retain your services for a ww2 book.
    it opens with General MacArthur entering the city of Manila- to the cheering of the Filipinos.
    afterwards, begins the urban assault by the US Army against the Japanese.
    the jungle warfare has given way to street fighting and demolished buildings.
    (not unlike the 1937- Horrors of War cards)
    it ends with the defenders, indiscriminately- firing their mammoth, 13″ missiles against us.
    Like the “Horrors of War”, this must be done in watercolors to evoke a classical mood.
    i live in Clearlake and will drive down to Sac every week to pick up the work.
    there is no time limit. i will attend Wizard-con in June.
    thanks, Rudy

  3. rudy

    i wish to publish a ww2 book (magazine size)
    about MacArthur’ s return to the Philippines.
    it will be reminiscent of the 1938 cards-” the Horrors of War” .
    as in that series, i cannot have the brilliant colors, like one sees in the superhero books.
    your coloring appears to not be “comic like”.
    i live in Clear lake and can come down to Sac anytime.
    when will you be available?


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