Tim Ferreira – Artist

Tim Ferreira is the writer, artist and creator of his own web based comic book TECHGAL which won best original manga twice in 2007 at the Sac-Anime Con spring and winter conventions.

Almost entirely self taught, his work is heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime. He is currently developing two new projects for the internet.


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  1. Sam H.

    I plan on starting my own website with mangas online. I’ve been working on story lines and characters for a few years now. I’ve taken college courses in storytelling, writing and what not so im pretty serious about this. The problem I have is drawing, I just cant draw at the professional level that I need this to be successful. I was wondering if you are interested in sending a few samples. If you are just continue reading…..

    I’m looking for different characters in different types of scenes. The two mangas I have the most work done with are a samurai manga and another that has mechas in it (like a gundam or code geass style) so I would like different drawings on those. For the samurai samples I just want simple scenes (ie. fight scene, training at a dojo, or whatever else you can think of) and for the mecha one I want a fight scene between two mechas, characters in a battle and any others you want to add. For the design of the mechs I don’t have anything specific but I would like them to be of a more realistic size (again like gundam or code geass).

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