Dec 16

Rodney Ngundu joins Scattered Studios


Artwork & Colors by Rodney Ngundu

Rodney Ngundu is new artist to Scattered Studio but has a passion and love for the art. He first started taking up the pen and drawing and adopting his manga styles and techniques in High School. Currently working also for a career in Animation and Game design. His energetic and fun manga-like style is ready to grace your next project. Check out his gallery here!


Dec 12

Scattered Studio’s ARTISTS update their Galleries


Craig Glenn’s work on a page of “TRIXIE DYNAMITE” from ECV Press

Many SCATTERED STUDIO Artists have submitted new images to update their galleries with. Be sure to visit these Artists and take a look at some of their new work to get a good idea of what they can do for your next project.








Dec 09

Scattered Studios completes work on DAMMIT!’s new album “Darker and Darker”


DAMMIT!’s new album “Darker and Darker” by Scattered Studios Wagner Fukuhara

“DAMMIT” is a new CD  album by metal band DAMMIT!

Founder of the band and Guitarist  John Gillette describes the music of “Darker and Darker”.

““Darker and Darker” is an eclectic blend of Metal and Thrash reaching back into the roots of the San Francisco Thrash scene from bands like Metallica and Testament mixed with the sounds of new Metal and Punk Rock.”

John Gillette selected Scattered Studio’s Wagner Fukuhara as the Artist and Colorist to do the CD’s cover art.

Band Lineup includes, Founder Guitarist John Gillette, Front Man Adam Richardson, Bass David “Dirtbox” Smith, and Drums Walter Boland.
“Dammit! Brings it on Darker and Darker this high energy album is a must have for your Metal collection!”

Check out more info about this band and merchandise at DAMMIT!


Dec 09

Artist Team (Jorge Villena & Diego Moreno) join Scattered Studios

1396741_520601668023715_1572010302_oScattered Studos brings in its very first Artist team for your next project. This is a PENCILER (Jorge Villena) and INKER (Diego Moreno) team that works together on all kinds of different types of comic book projects. Ready to draw and color your next project!  Check out more of their work here!


Nov 14

Support Scattered Studio’s Artist/Colorist Jeremy Rathbone’s Kickstarter!

Scattered Studios has had the honor of working with the comic book artist and colorist Jeremy Rathbone.  After working on several studio comic projects, he is finishing up work on his own comic book creation “MUNKIE REVOLUTION”. He has just launched a KickStarter to fund the completion of his comic book.

Please check out his KICKSTARTER page to help out this awesome new comic series.




Nov 06

Scattered Studios completes work on “DR. PROFANE’S 2014 PIN-UP CALENDAR & COMIC”


DR. PROFANE’S PIN-UP CALENDAR & COMIC. Artwork and Colors by Wagner Fukuhara, Samir Simao, and Scar Crash

“DR. PROFANE’S 2014 PIN-UP CALENDAR & COMIC” is a new calendar/pin-up/comic book combo created, written and published by Dr.Profane.

Creator  Dr. Profane explains about the calendar “DR. PROFANE’S 2014 PIN-UP CALENDAR & COMIC”.

“12 months of big page full color comic glory! Plus Saucy pin-up calendar sweetness! Plus revealing new photos released online!! It’s a 50 page calendar comic! And revealing new photos every month. No memberships! No subscriptions! No recurring fees!”

Dr. Profane selected Scattered Studio’s Wagner Fukuhara as the Artist and Colorist for a few of the comic pages, and also Studio’s Samir Simao as the Artist and Mike Stefan as the Colorist on the other comic pages.

With the calendar now completed, it is available now for purchase on their website (Click this link to purchase) (MATURE BUYERS ONLY)




Oct 24

Support Scattered Studios’ Client “Boston Metaphysical Society”‘s KickStarter

Scattered Studios has had the honor of working on the comic book series “Boston Metaphysical Society“.  Having worked as mostly pre-press and typesetting on the first 2 of their issues, we always fully support our client’s endeavors and now they need it. They have just launched a KickStarter to fund the last 3 issues of their comic mini-series and produce a softbound collection book.

Please check out their KICKSTARTER page to help out this bright new company, and get their projects completed.



Oct 15

Federico Sioc Jr. starts as new Scattered Studios Artist

Linework & Coloring by Scattered Studio's Federico Sioc Jr.

Linework & Coloring by Scattered Studio’s Federico Sioc Jr.

Joining the studio originally as a Colorist, Federico has become a valuable asset to the projects he works on. And now honing his artistic drawing skills, he is ready to begin offering them to the studio. Check out more of his work here!


Sep 12

Scattered Studio’s Neill Brengettsey Updates his Gallery

Neill Brengettsey's work on a page of "GHOST" from Dark Horse

Neill Brengettsey’s work on a page of “GHOST” from Dark Horse

As a toy designer , Neill has worked for Hasbro on Harry Potter, Transformers, and GIJoe.

As a Graphic Designer he has designed lettering and logos for record companies, Verizon Wireless, and the State of California. I also have formal training in Photoshop and Illustrator and utilize them both in the production of art.

He is ready to bring his art skills to your next comic book project. Check out more of his work here!


Aug 20

Scattered Studios creates new Action Comic “Sword”

"Sword" Story by Saurav Dutt Artwork by Robert Bruner

“Sword” Story by Saurav Dutt Artwork by Robert Bruner

Author Saurav Dutt combines forces with Scattered Studios to create an action packed comic book title entitled ‘SWORD’. With a new script, cover, artists and production schedule, work gathers pace on the violent Expendables inspired action novella which features a main character modelled and inspired on action star actor Steven Seagal; whose likeness will also appear in the comic as well.

The Steven Seagal inspired character is a sensei, gifted an ancient samurai sword by his masters in Japan . After opening a dojo in the US, he is attacked by jealous Yakuza drug lords intent on depriving a ‘foreigner’ of the honourable sword and returning it to its rightful place. Left for dead, the main character uses all his martial arts expertise-and background in the Navy Seals, CIA and Black Ops-to get back the sword and inflict a very bloody and furious vengeance ‘Old Boy’ style on those who wronged him.

The writer/creator, Saurav Dutt, approached Scattered Studios and quickly selected his creative team of  Robert Brunner to provide the  dark artwork that will contain intense fight scenes, While Mike Stefan will add his digital coloring.  Jason Dube will be providing the text and pre-pres. Hot on the heels of action packed movies like The Expendables starring Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme and Jason Statham, ‘SWORD’ is a throwback to the violent action movies of their era, collating all the one liners, fight scenes, thrills and attitude of Seagal’s best movies like ‘Under Siege’, ‘Out for Justice’ and ‘Marked for Death’.

Saurav commented ‘The idea behind Sword is to provide a story of honour and betrayal, delving into the world of a master swordsman and providing a classic story of vengeance-a very brutal vengeance. I grew up on these movies, films like The Expendables are like being in a candy store-now it’s my turn to create my own spin on the genre-if you’ve enjoyed a Seagal or Van Damme starrer then this is going to deliver that and then some-balls to the wall violence, mayhem, havoc and enough blood to make Kill Bill look like Despicable Me”

Sword continues to be produced by Scattered Studios and after the issue has been completed it will go to a print on demand publisher before being distributed to comic book conventions. Writer/Creator Saurav Dutt has had critical and commercial success writing biographies on major Hollywood actors such as Mickey Rourke, Corey Haim and ‘Jaws’ actor Roy Scheider. He is currently negotiating to interview Top Gun and Batman Forever actor Val Kilmer for an upcoming biography on the ‘Heat’ actor due to release in Spring 2014. His first book of fiction-entitled ‘An Orchid In the Snow’-releases Fall 2013 and follows his first spoken word music project ‘The Dreaming’ available on Soundcloud and CD Baby.


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