3-D Convergence Services

If you are looking to take your artwork or comic to the next level, we now provide 3-D services. Today’s 3D has come a long way from the 3D art of the past .

With our unique process we can provide you with a finished product that will allow you to enjoy the artwork without the 3D glasses. Long gone are the headache inducing blurred images, our images are more defined and easy to view. Once you put on those 3D glasses however, a new world will unfold before you; a truly immersive story telling experience. Whether the art is in color or black and white, most conversions can be done with minimal limitations. In fact there are only three.

1) Complexity of the art work.

2) Vibrant color hues.

3) Size of the art work.

Usually these can be addressed and resolved with minimal effort. At the heart of each 3D CONVERSION is the depth map, a grey scale interpretation of the original work. Depending on the complexity of the source material the time required to complete a project will vary. To help simplify completion times, we’ve broken down our conversions into three classes:

1) SIMPLE. $100 – 125.00

A simple conversion has one primary object (character) with very minimal or no background.

Estimated project time (3) hours.


2) STANDARD. $ 125 – 175.00

A standard conversion has one to two objects (characters) with minimal too moderate

backgrounds. Estimated project time (4-6 ) hours.


3) COMPLEX. $ 175 – 225.00

A complex conversion has two or more objects (characters) with multiple backgrounds.

Estimated project time (7-8) hours.


Each project, like art; is unique and may require less or more time to complete, prices may be adjusted to reflect the actual time required to complete the project. We have provided some examples of the different conversions we offer. We have some examples of each class, with its depth map so you may have a better idea by what we mean by background. In each sample you will have a character surrounded by buildings or other structures. These are what we refer to as backgrounds.

We have also provided some samples of SIMPLE, STANDARD and COMPLEX conversions for you to enjoy. So put on those silly glasses and enjoy the show.









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