Production Process & Printing

Scattered Comics Studios provides our clients with everything they need to get their idea and comic creation  to come to life. Our average turn-around time for most 24 page comicbook projects is 2 months. This time is an average as it depends on Artist speeds and in large part to the client’s amount of changes to the artwork, and text. (And the time it takes to Approve the pages in each step of the production).


The Approval Process:

Being a client with Scattered Comics Studios allows you to watch and approve through the entire process of creating your comic book. It will be up to your judgement to Approve a page or to make changes.

Stage 1 THUMBNAILS: In the THUMBNAIL stage, you will be shown miniture sketches of how your comic page will be designed. (Click here to learn what a THUMBNAIL is).  Though the THUMBNAILS are little more then scribbles, you will be able to see the direction the Artist is planning to design your page. You can ask to make changes or Approve. (At this stage don’t be concerned with the artwork being pretty as this is just a quick scribble of how they plan to draw the actual page, not the real artwork.

Stage 2 PENCILS: The PENCILS or CLEANS stage of the process will be the actual artwok of the page. It is very important to make your final changes to the artwork at this stage. Once the PENCILS/CLEANS are Approved there is no going back because it goes to INK afterwards. (** If there are changes to the artwork after the INKS are applied, we will have to re-draw the page from the beginning and have to charge you for a new page.)

Stage 3 INKS: In the INKS stage there are really no surprises from the PENCIL stage. So, its more of a look over to see if anything was missed before going to the COLORS stage.

Stage 4 COLORS: After INKS are Approved, it will be COLORED (If required).

Stage 3 LETTERS-Prepress: TYPESETTING (Word Balloons, Letters, Special Effects Sounds)and then prepare it for print.

At this time we do not offer printing as part as our services, we can however recommend some excellent and affordable printers for our clients to choose from.

RA Comics Direct – RA Comics Direct is the preferred printer of Scattered Comics Studios, they offer a print on demand system that allows you to print books as you need them.

RA Comics Direct uses digital printing this ensures that your comics come out in vibrant color or black and white.

In addition RA Comics Direct offers affordable pricing and discounts that can fit any budget. Not to mention their turn-around time is 3-4 days!!

**Important Notes- Studio Policy**

We do not provide contact information for any studio members including but not limiting to artists, colorists, writers.

Our studio artists draw in the style you see in their galleries. They do not change/alter or try to imitate other styles. Be sure you like the style of artwork you see in their gallery before selecting your creative team.



  1. larry glenn

    How can I contact the artist

    1. admin


      You can contact me (Jason Dube) directly at
      The clients don’t have direct contact with the artists/colorists.

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