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Scattered Comics Studios now offers our “Motion Comic Commercial” services. When you are ready to begin to market your comic book project, a very affordable way to that and stand out is to enlist our commercial studio to create a “Motion Comic Commercial”. What it basically does is takes pages form your comic book and moves them around the screen to showcase your comic’s artwork and to tell the story without word bubbles. Since our studio will already have the artwork from your comic book in its server, you don’t have to send us any files.  Our artist, Jeremy Rathbone will work closely with you every step of the way from ROUGHS (Storyboards), to Basic Footage, music, all the way up to the final product. Here we see the Storyboards for a commercial sample Jeremy did for the comic book “Shadow Hunters”.

The following prices include everything (Storyboards-Rough Mix Footage-Music (additional if supplied by client)-Final Cut)

Price List:

1 Minute Motion Comic Commercial: $100.00

Music (If client supplies): $50 **Note: Client must provide proof of ownership of music

The Process:

Here’s how easy it is. Of course contact the studio ( saying you want a 1 minute Motion Comic Commercial of your comic book. The studio manager will connect with you and go over the details with you. Once the details are worked out with what your looking for or leave it open to Jeremy’s creativeness (Highly Recommended), you will be sent a invoice for 25% deposit for the entire project. Once the deposit is cleared, work gets started right away. First JEREMY will work out the storyboards to your commercial. Warning the Storyboards are like Roughs and aren’t the prettiest to look at, but you get a good idea of the direction of where the project is going.

Once you have Approved the  Storyboard, Jeremy will begin on the ROUGH MIX FOOTAGE. Now, this is the basic peices of the commercial placed into the movie software. Nothing is refined and no effects have been placed. Its not smooth to look at but it is setting the stage for final mixing. Once the Rough Mix Footage has been Approved, a final invoice will be sent for the remaining 75% of the project payment, and afterwards is when the magic comes in.


The FINAL CUT is exactly as it sounds. All the edges are smoothed away, any problems are resolved, music is added, and effects are added to make your commercial a beautiful work of art. And that is it. Files will be sent as MPEG, or AVI unless requesting another format.



  1. rudy

    I absolutely want a japanese missile firing up and crashing into MacArthurs army

  2. Justice Conder

    I’m interested in your your motion comic services. I’m finishing a children’s book about the tooth fairy and want that transformed into a motion comic. What are the steps to more forward with your services?

    1. admin


      Please contact me (Jason Dube) directly at to discuss the motion comic

  3. patrick

    please shoot me an email with some details on making a 1 minute trailer as i’m interested in making one for my animation. thanks..

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